Barajou No Kiss

Author: shouoto aya

Status: Completed   

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Mystery , Romance , School Life , Shoujo , Supernatural ,

Update: Aug 6, 2018

Barajou No Kiss

Next update: about Aug 13, 2018


Most girls are crazy about jewelry, but not Anis Yamamoto. Not since her father gave her a rose choker as a child, claiming it was a protective amulet which would safeguard her from harm; however, if she ever took it off (a feat easier said than done!), she would be afflicted by a “punishment” of some sort. Not like it matters to her though, since the attention it attracts around school from faculty and students alike isn’t something she’s particularly fond of.
But after a certain incident causes the choker to disappear, she realizes that this punishment her father spoke of might have been a bit more than she bargained for!


Barajou No Kiss Ch.42 : Artbook Rose of Jewl Aug 6, 2018
Barajou No Kiss Vol.7 Ch.41(end) : Vol 07Side Story Apr 28, 2015
Barajou No Kiss Vol.7 Ch.40 : Vol 07 Mar 6, 2014
Barajou No Kiss Vol.9 Ch.39.5 : Drama Reports Oct 25, 2013
Barajou No Kiss Ch.39 : : Engaged in Himmelreich Oct 15, 2013
Barajou No Kiss Vol.9 Ch.38 Sep 23, 2013
Barajou No Kiss Vol.9 Ch.37 : The Secret Garden Sep 23, 2013
Barajou No Kiss Vol.8 Ch.36 : Thanatos May 17, 2016
Barajou No Kiss Vol.8 Ch.35 : Heart and Mind May 17, 2016
Barajou No Kiss Vol.8 Ch.34 : KNIGHTS May 17, 2016

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